Group Management

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Manage small groups, classes, discipleship groups, leadership groups, projects and more through Cobblestone. Our system puts these groups at the forefront encouraging participation by those who are included in Cobblestone. Groups can be public, require an administrator’s approval to join or they can be private by invitiation only. Determine the modules you would like to use for the group to create a 10-week class with curriculum or an ongoing small group to share prayer and study the Word together.

Event Management

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Event management is easy with Cobblestone. Create events, discuss them, volunteer to bring needed items, see who is attending and manage re-occurrence with ease. View event listings, calendars and map views of events. Export events into your Outlook or other calendars with ease. Events can even be shared with your public website for those who use Ekklesia 360.

Prayer Module

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Allow people to share prayer requests and pray for one another. Prayers that are posted can include the urgency, be tagged to include the people or primary areas that need prayer. People can respond with encouragement, scripture or even let the person know they prayed for them. Prayers are shared within a community and can be private to a group or the community at large. Our prayer module follows up with the person who posted it to report back and see if the prayer was answered.

Multisite/Organization Use

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Cobblestone allows people and administrators to participate in multiple sites with ease. View and access numerous Cobblestone sites with one login. Our system provides a filter to find all of your messages or specific site messages, an easy way to manage or participate in multiple sites.

Public Website Integration

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Cobblestone offers a unique ability to integrate with your public website for users of Ekklesia 360. This powerful integration allows you to share events, groups, member logins and numerous other features. By integrating, an event can be created and published on the public website as well as within Cobblestone. On the public site people can RSVP and make payments to attend the event, while within Cobblestone the planners can discuss the event and determine who will be there to help volunteer and serve. There are numerous powerful advantages to using the full integrated service offered with these tools. Contact us to learn more.

Member Management

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Create an unlimited, centralized database with Cobblestone. Cobblestone allows an easy-to-use place for people to update their contact information, add personal information and create a profile for use throughout the system.

Assimilation System

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Help people move into deeper relationships within your community. Using real world criteria with our Group Promotion Agent, find and help move people into the relational groups you determine.

Discussions & Messaging System

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Allow people to continue the discussions from small groups or create private group conversation. Send messages to multiple recipients and easily track the conversation on a centralized thread.

Photo Galleries

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Upload and share photos within your community. Galleries are associated with the community groups and you can tag keywords or people in the images. Upload a photo gallery of an event or even share images for a project you are working on.

File Sharing

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Upload and share resources.Have a class curriculum? Upload the files, audio or other resources from each class for preparation and access afterwards. Resource sharing is a powerful tool for your ministry.

Private Label Church Site

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Cobblestone allows you to use your church brand/design. For example,  the site can share the look and feel of your public website.  You can also setup members.yourchurch.com to point to Cobblestone so you can keep a consistent brand for your church/ministry.

Customer Support & Development

Cobblestone is the creation of Monk Development. Our world-class support team is ready to assist you. We have built on the trust of thousands of churches, ministries and corporations that already use our products to manage their presence on the web. With Monk you have a trusted partner with deep experience in building and customizing web applications.

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Our Vision for Cobblestone

We have a lot of ideas for Cobblestone and are constantly working on putting the best tools into the hands of churches and ministries. While we can't yet say when these features will be released, here are a few ideas of the kinds of things we'd like to incorporate into Cobblestone:

  • Classifieds
  • Online Giving
  • Event Registrations
  • Mobile-friendly Version

Note that the above list does not represent features currently in Cobblestone, but is meant to give you an idea of what we see for the future.

Thanks for your input!

Feature Requests

Is something missing? Let us know your idea for enhancing Cobblestone and we'll take it into consideration!

I'd like someone to contact me to talk more about Cobblestone