Q. Can Cobblestone integrate with my public website?

Ekklesia 360A. Yes.  Cobblestone is a stand-alone product, but for users of Ekklesia 360 (used by over 50 design companies) you may already be able to integrate Cobblestone with your public site.  This integration allows you to share events, members, groups and much more to provide one login to powerfully use the Internet strategically.

Q. How many members can be in Cobblestone?

A. Unlimited!  Many private community systems charge a dollar per member but we wanted to give the churches the freedom and desire to bring as many people into the system as possible.  We pray that the decision will encourage churches to add people who they might otherwise not have brought in, into the community so that they may connect into relationships with Christians.  Our pricing is based on groups, which we believe is a better indicator of Cobblestone's value and use by a local church.

Q. Is Cobblestone a Social Networking system?

A. This depends on how you define this term.  We are not trying to replace MySpace or Facebook.  Those systems put the individual at the center of the universe where everything revolves around the person.  Continue to use these for missional and social engagement.  Our system puts the community at the center and encourages people to move deeper into community and relationship.  We want to help facilitate and automate administrative functions to free your community up to be the church.  Cobblestone integrates with Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Q. I can't get enough of Cobblestone.  How do I learn more and stay updated on every new feature and news update?

Cobblestone on TwitterA. We are glad you are excited!  We too believe Cobblestone is a powerful tool for churches and ministries.  A great way to follow what is happening at Monk Development with the continued releases and improvements of Cobblestone is to follow Cobblestone on Twitter. You can also check out our Cobblestone Blog for the latest Cobblestone release information and to see how your organization can take advantage of new features.

Q. Can I have my own private domain like members.churchname.com with my church brand as the look & feel?

A. Absolutely.  Churches that select the Core package or higher are able to have their own domain and brand so that their members see a familiar place for them to engage.  Our Starter and Free package are setup to allow people to quickly start using the system and do not include this customization.

Q. Can I get a demo of Cobblestone?

A. Yes.  Contact us and we can show you how Cobblestone can help your church or minsitry organization.

Q. I have another question not answered here.

A. Send us questions and we will post new FAQs for you to view here.