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Church Website Wisdom and Your Community

posted by Drew Goodmanson on December 10, 2009

Pick up a copy of Your Church magazine, part of Christianity Today in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue to read Website Wisdom - New research, cooperative reveal best practices for churches written by Monk Development CEO Drew Goodmanson.

The article touches on developing a community engagement and reasearch from congregational and church studies.  It reads:

Your Web Strategy Should Integrate With the Online Communities People Already Use.

After "I'm New" information, the second-most popular content category that people visited online was group information. People sought out ministry groups, home groups, and other communities to connect into the community and serve.

When asked to select the top five features or activities they would like to see in their church websites, 39 percent of people selected "connect with other members," which ranked highest. And in the congregational survey, more than 70 percent said the website was important in facilitating participation in their church community. People desire ways to participate online with others from the church.

The rise of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, has trained users to seek online interaction with friends and family. Church members now desire this online experience for church. Respondents said the following features, listed here in the order of their popularity, appealed to them in a private, online community:

  • Ability to post prayer requests or needs (with appropriate permissions);
  • Ability to find opportunities to serve at the church, based on interests or gifts;
  • Ability to access a phone/email directory;
  • Ability to join and interact with home/Bible study groups;
  • Ability to share resources.

Read the full article: Website Wisdom