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An Easy Way to Get Your Church Engaged Online

posted by Justin Wise on July 14, 2011 in Company

Special Offers

Your favorite online community platform, Cobblestone, just got a little bit easier to use. Effectively immediately, you can get a steal on Cobblestone one of two ways:

  1. A free month of Cobblestone for current Ekklesia360 clients, or
  2. Six months of Cobblestone for free to all churches and communities with less than 100 members!

If you're wondering what Cobblestone is, let's take a minute and look at what this platform can do for you.

  • Group Management. Manage small groups, classes, discipleship groups, leadership groups, projects and more through Cobblestone.
  • Member Management. Cobblestone allows an easy-to-use place for people to update their contact information, add personal information and create a profile for use throughout the system.
  • Prayer Module. Allow people to share prayer requests and pray for one another. Include prayer urgency or tag others to include them in prayer needs.
  • Event Management. Create events, discuss them, volunteer to bring needed items, see who is attending and manage re-occurrence with ease.

You can read more details about this special Cobblestone offer here. We'd love to talk to you about this flexibile, fast and feature-filled platform that's just waiting to serve the needs of your community. Think fast! The offer only goes through the end of September.

Cobblestone: Be the Church. Deepen relationships. Know your people!

If you have a story of how Cobblestone has helped shape your church and deepen relationships, I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me at wise(at) In exchange for your story, we have a gift we'd love to give you. You'll like it. Trust me!