Know Your People

Member Management

Cobblestone allows your members to update their contact information, keeping their personal information such as work, skills and hobbies up-to-date.  Have access to vital member information with Cobblestone.

Administrate Small Groups

Cobblestone enables you to track small group membership, ministries and highlight emerging leaders and other critical components. Managing your small groups becomes easier with Cobblestone.

Reporting & Administration Tools

Cobblestone includes serveral tools to help you manage your community. 

A 360-Degree View

Cobblestone includes full and seamless integration with Ekklesia 360.  With this powerful combination  you can track comments on the public website as well as participation in Cobblestone.  For events that need RSVP capability, Cobblestone allows people to register on your public site. With our powerful tools you can manage the event, process the payments and push these into third party sites with one 360-degree strategy.